• about me

    I’ve lived in five countries across the globe. Followed my passion across oceans. Thrown myself into unfamiliar situations and lived to tell the tale.


    Passions I've followed across the oceans:


    Engagement with Aquatic Environments


    Why: Wherever there is a body of water there exists a fear of the unknown

    What I do: Empower persons to find their own adventure by being comfortable in the water and respecting the aquatic environment

    Favourite Experience: Teaching under-served primary school children how to swim


    Diversity in the Outdoors


    Why: There are more black people doing adventurous things than is portrayed in adventure media

    What I do: Breaking the stereotypes that black people don't do adventurous and aquatic activities

    Favourite Experience: Working as a SUP, Scuba, Kayak and Mountain Bike tour guide in Costa Rica


    Breaking Mental Health Barriers


    Why: Persons connect with mental health stories because it speaks to the internal struggles much of humanity has to deal with at some point in their life

    What I do: Addressing the stigma of mental health by sharing my experiences of PMDD and depression

    Favourite Experience: Creating a short documentary on the impact depression has had on me and my family

  • the ocean healed me...

    Since my teens, I've struggled with an ongoing battle with depression.


    Yet, it is my connection with the ocean be it through open water swimming, diving, rowing or paddling, that has encouraged me to go after my dreams despite the crippling nature of anxiety, shame and depression that plagued me for much of my life.

  • my mission

    Fostering a positive relationship with aquatic spaces.


    I have a particular passion for engaging traditionally under-served cultural groups.

  • DOcumentary

    One Life To Live

    From her participation at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, 2006, Antiguan Olympic swimmer, Christal Clashing, reflects on her history of depression and the impact it has had on her family and friends.

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