Private 1:1 or small group instruction. Special requests for large groups.

    Adult Open Water Swim Class

    45-min session

    Local group rate: EC$60

    Local private rate: EC$100

    Infant Private Pool Swim Class

    30-min session

    Regular rate: US$40

    Local rate: EC$75

    Stand-up Paddle Lesson

    75-min session per board

    Regular rate: $USD60

    Local rate: EC$150

  • aqua tutoring

    An aquatic engagement and supervision service for private homes and luxury resorts tailored to your needs. Suitable for children ages 4-10 years old. Rates upon request.

    Pool Games

    Using noodles and pool toys, children learn:

    • Underwater breath control 
    • How to dive and submerge safely
    • How to use their imaginations to create water games

    Beachside Play

    Along pink and white sand beaches, your children will:

    • Build sandcastles
    • Look for hermit crabs, conch shells and fallen coconuts
    • Learn how to snorkel and appreciate underwater life

    Reading & Writing

    Your children will learn more about island life with:

    • Readings from local children's books during storytime breaks
    • Creating their own Caribbean storyline using Pixar's storytelling structure

    Arts & Crafts

    Raining outside? No problem! Your children will occupy themselves with:

    • Painting dried coconuts
    • Decorating their own sugar cookies
    • Illustrating their own stories


    ANU: +1 (268) 788-8989

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