• Adventure

    Born in Costa Rica, the adventure capital of Central America, and raised in the Caribbean island of Antigua, Christal grew up with the ocean as her playground.

  • freediving

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    What started in 2019 as research on the island of Dominica for a writing project, turned into a full-fledged past-time off the coast of Antigua. Freediving has brought me peace, self-acceptance and community.

  • Team antigua island girls | world's toughest Row-Pacific 2023

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    Rowing 2800 miles across the mid-Pacific as a trio of Antiguan women. Starting from Monterey Bay, California to Hanolai Bay, Kuaui, Hawaii, to became the first all-black team and first Caribbean team to row the Pacific Ocean.

  • Team antigua island girls | talisker whiskey atlantic challenge 2018-19

    A historic 3000-mile journey rowing across the Atlantic Ocean from the Canary Island to English Harbor in Antigua, thus, becoming the first all-black team to row an ocean.

  • Costa Rica

    Exploring the hidden gems of Costa Rica

  • Hawaii

    Searching for adventure in Oahu, Hawaii